Puppy rescued from tire rim
2018-04-20    0 views
A puppy was rescued in Bastrop County on Friday afternoon after getting stuck. (Courtesy: Wags, Hope and Healing - Austin Area Animal Rehabilitation and Adoption)

Teenager Theo Quenee replants mangroves trampled by Hurricane Irma.mp4
2018-04-20    0 views
Credit: Theo Quenee (www.youtube.com/TheoQuenee) | theo_quenee (www.instagram.com/theo_quenee/)

3.6 magnitude earthquake rattles metro Detroit-Teaser
2018-04-20    0 views
Breaking News:

An unusual earthquake hit Detroit

Click to find out what happened

They Thought This Puppy Was Paralyzed—Then Something Incredible Happens
2018-04-20    0 views
Banky the puppy was paralyzed after somebody threw her out of a moving car when six weeks old. At least that's what her rescuers believed.

The dog was found with multiple injuries and brought to the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. The pup underwent a hernia operation and other treatment and was brought to a stable condition. But she still wouldn't move her rear legs.

Then one day the staff noticed an incredible change—Banky was trying to stand up. It wasn't much, but enough to hint a recovery.

The rescue organization first posted about Banky on its Facebook page on April 10. Then, on Wednesday, April 18, it posted this video showing Banky's progress.

Credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs via Storyful

Travel & Events

Use VR ride a bike travel to Taiwan in Times Square

Published at: 2018-04-12

The Metropolitan Transport Agency (MTA)
will launch the mobile application "MYmta."

The app will allow commuters to see in real time
The status of trains, elevators; as well as locate
Nearest stations and bus stops.

The MTA asked two of its current employees to
Test out the app ahead of its launch.

MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein says the app
Will be available to commuters within weeks.

(New York commuter Michelle)
I think it will be helpful because I only know that there is a bus
application and I don't know if there is a subway application,
so if anything, it will be very helpful and useful.

(New York commuter)
At the very least, there is this App. You don’t need to wait in the
street for a long time. You can go to the supermarket or to eat
something. The bus will be there anytime.
You don’t need to stand there anymore. It's convenient.

Some commuters think the MTA should focus
On improving current services before offering
New ones.

(New York commuter Gervine Terry)
I tried to get stuck in the F car in Manhattan for more than 45 minutes.
Line 7 is a big problem.
Usually there is a signal problem during the morning rush hour.
They need to be solved. They have been repairing, but I didn't see results at all.

NTD TV Tingting O, Henry Yan United States


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