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Placer County Deputies Rescue Bloodhound Trapped Under Car
2018-02-19    0 views
A Placer County Sheriff’s deputy and another California Highway Patrol officer rescued a dog trapped under a vehicle after being hit on Highway 80 east of Penryn, California. The rescue, with a happy ending, happened on January 18.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy was driving along the eastbound lanes of traffic on Thursday morning when the deputy saw a bloodhound running frantically across the highway.

Other motorists tried to avoid hitting the scared dog, and the deputy tried to slow traffic and save the animal from the busy roadway. The dog then ran the opposite direction, where he was hit by a passing car, becoming pinned underneath with its paw under the rear tire.

Using a floor jack, the two officers were able to lift the car and save the dog. The animal was taken to Loomis Basin Veterinarian Clinic for emergency medical treatment, where his owner showed up. The dog had no broken bones, just some lacerations and road rash.

This video shows the dashcam footage of the rescue, starting at around the 1:26 mark.

Credit: Placer County Sheriff's Office via Storyful
Elton John Struck in Face by Necklace Mid-Performance
2018-02-17    0 views
Elton John was struck in the face by a necklace during a performance in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, on February 14.

The singer stopped performing to check his teeth after being hit by the necklace, which had been thrown from the crowd.

Daniela Caredda captured the moment the incident occurred, while videoing herself singing along to Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting by the piano.

Additional video of the incident shows a visibly-annoyed Elton pause to check his teeth, before returning to the song.

Credit: Daniela Caredda via Storyful
Rescuers Cheer as Baby Elephant Freed From Well in Thailand
2018-02-16    0 views
A one-year-old baby elephant was rescued from a well at a rubber plantation in Kaeng Hang Maeo, Thailand, early on Feburary 16, according to Thai PBS.

Video released by Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation shows the rescue, with rescuers cheering as the baby elephant scampers free from the well.

Thai PBS reported that the baby’s herd stayed nearby during the operation, waiting for it to be returned to its mother.

Credit: Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation via Storyful
Security Guard Shares Musical Talent at South African Airport
2018-02-13    0 views
A security guard at the King Shaka International Airport in La Mercy, South Africa, treated late-night travelers to a treat as he showed off his talent on a public piano.

Paulo Martins shared a video on Facebook of the security guard playing in the airport terminal at two in the morning. “After a huge delay, this kinda made landing in Durban at 2 am worth it,” Martins posted. As of writing, the video has over 100,000 views on Facebook.

Credit: Paulo Martins via Storyful
Cat With Broken Leg Saved From Icy River After Falling From Overpass
2018-02-10    0 views
Bagherra, an 8-month-old black tomcat, got himself into a heap of trouble when he disappeared from his owners early in February.

On Thursday, Feb. 8, he was found meowing and meowing on a piece of ice in the middle of a partially frozen river in Wichita, Kansas.

The Wichita Fire Department deployed a boat to save the cat.

An animal rescue organisation Beauties and Beasts shared a video of the rescue online, initially stating the cat may have been thrown from the overpass. The firefighters thought Bagherra broke both his rear legs. It later turned out only the left one was broken.

The cat had a microchip that helped to track down his owners. It turned out he disappeared a few days prior and may have fallen from the overpass by accident, Beauties and Beasts posted on Facebook on Friday. Bagherra was returned to its owners. Unfortunately, his rear left leg needed to be amputated.

Credit: Beauties and Beasts, Inc via Storyful
Huge Avalanche Triggered by British Columbia Transportation Workers
2018-02-10    0 views
British Columbia Transportation triggered a massive avalanche that crashed onto the Trans-Canada Highway between Revelstoke and Golden on Friday, Feb. 9. The avalanche was induced intentionally near the Glacier National Park in order to reduce the snow load in the Lanark snowshed area.

The avalanche closed the highway for much of Thursday and Friday, CamloopsBCNow reported.

BC Transportation posted a video of the operation on Twitter, noting it was necessary.

Credit: BC Transportation via Storyful
Pick up Truck Smashes Into Maryland Bakery, Moment Caught on 3 Security Cameras
2018-02-09    0 views
This is probably not what the owner of a bakery in Rockville, Maryland, had in mind when having three security cameras installed in the store, but on Wednesday, Feb. 7, morning all three cameras captured a dramatic scene as a pickup truck hit a patch of ice and skidded through the front window of the bakery.

No one was hurt in the accident.

Credit: Fresh Baguette via Storyful
Mom screams for help as she can't free herself from a ball pit in a mall
2018-02-07    0 views
A mother in Singapore received the fright of her life after she climbed into a ball pit at City Square Mall’s Airzone with her son on February 3.

Vivien Weiqi shared a video to her blog, Beautiful Chaos, showing her completely submerged in the pool of balls. She sticks her hand above the surface and calls for help many times, until her domestic helper (who was taking the video) realizes she is in distress.

“Not long into the play, I lost my balance in the ball pit and fell backwards. I could not reach the bottom and I could not stand up. I tried to roll over, I couldn’t. I tried to find the net so I could grip it, I couldn’t. My son was stuck inside too,” she wrote alongside the video.

However, despite her panic, she doesn’t think the experience should put parents off letting their kids play in the pool, as long as there is adult supervision — adding that her husband will be accompanying her son in future.

A local report said that the play center’s operator was holding a safety review following Weiqui’s experience.

Credit: Beautiful Chaos via Storyful
Dog Latches Onto Rope With Its Teeth to Get Free of Frozen Lake
2018-02-06    0 views
Jeff Mann of Marshfield, Missouri: Neighbors dog got in my pond this afternoon. The pond is aerated. So there is no ice in the middle. This poor guy almost drowned. Selina Mann saw him from the kitchen window. He is a smart dog. I’m glad I didn’t want to take a polar bear plunge which I thought I was about too. The ice was cracking. I made some friends with PETA today! His new name is Lazarus!
Credit: Selina Mann via Storyful
Arrest of Carjacking Suspect Caught on Video
2018-02-06    0 views
On Wednesday, January 31, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., a suspect entered a nail salon near the 13600 block of Burbank Blvd and began hitting three women inside for no reason. The victims were involved in an intense fight for their life with the dangerous suspect. The suspect punched the victims several times. He also swung a chair and hit the victim until employees from a neighboring business arrived and apprehended the suspect.
Credit: Los Angeles Police Department
Winner of Australia’s Most Adorable Animal, George the Wombat, to Be Released
2018-02-03    0 views
George the Wombat is the most adorable animal in Australia. At least according to an online poll by Experience Oz travel booking website. George was rescued more than a year ago from his mother's pouch after she was struck by a car. Since then he's lived in the Australian Reptile Park on New South Wales’ Central Coast, an hour’s drive north of Sydney.

George rose to online fame after his handler, Tim Faulkner, posted a video of the little guy's exploits on his Facebook page. The video was viewed over a million times.

Now comes another milestone for George, as he is to return to the wilderness. To that occasion, the Australian Reptile Park released another video of George—to say goodbye.

Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful
Drone Footage Shows Massive Extent of Flooding in Northern France
2018-02-03    0 views
This drone video captures the flooding in the Condé-Sainte-Libiaire area in northern France, about 19 miles east of Paris. The Grand Morin river joins the Marne river in this area, which is also crossed by the Canal de Meaux a Chalifert, making for a dense grid of water bodies that the locals have been watching rise in levels as northern France faces the wettest winter in 60 years.

Some 150 homes have already been affected, but many people decided to stay, franceinfo reported. Credit: Lob Ster via Storyful
Police Discover Secret Underground Bunker Used by 'Ndrangheta Crime Syndicate
2018-02-03    0 views
Italian police discovered an underground bunker while looking for fugitives in Rosarno, in the southern Italian region of Calabria, on Feb. 2. Police believed the bunker has been used by the ’Ndrangheta Crime Syndicate fugitives.

The 215-square-foot brick structure was monitored by hidden cameras and accessed by a concrete hatch hidden about 20 inches underground. The hatch led to a vertical shaft that connected to a 30-feet corridor, which opened into a bunker room equipped with electric lighting, beds, kitchen and bathroom, Italian news agency ANSA reported.

Police released a footage of them exploring the bunker.

’Ndrangheta is based in Calabria and "is among the richest and most powerful organised crime groups at a global level," Europol, European law enforcement agency, wrote in a 2013 report.

This was also not the first ’Ndrangheta bunker that's been discovered. In 2016, two ’Ndrangheta bosses have been found by authorities “living like animals” in a bunker in the mountains of Reggio Calabria, BBC reported.
Dramatic Rescue Footage as Fishermen Jump From Sinking Boat
2018-02-03    0 views
Coast Guard crews rescued five fisherman, who had to abandon ship due to flooding while west of Cape Alava, Washington, on Wednesday, Jan. 31. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest
2018-02-01    0 views
Massachusetts State Police: "Last night, Trooper Michael O’Neil Jr. was startled by an owl flying into the side of his cruiser as he travelled through the town of Tolland. He stopped, assessed the unconscious owl for visible injuries. Finding no injuries, Trooper O’Neil placed the owl on his lap, and continued on, in route to a local animal hospital to have it evaluated. The owl eventually came to, so Trooper O’Neil pulled over, now in the town of Granville. After a brief struggle in the cruiser, Trooper O’Neil gave the owl five concussion protocol tests, which it passed. The owl, who we have nicknamed Gronk, eventually flew off, back to its home field. Nice work Trooper O’Neil, thanks for taking care of Gronk in his time of need."