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Trump says U.S. could send up to 15,000 troops to border
2018-10-31    390 views
Trump talking about sending troops to the border
Soft New Compilation Oct 12-Ronald Reagan is back, but this time as a hologram
2018-10-13    0 views
Ronald Reagan is back, but this time as a hologram
The Radio City Rockettes rehearse for new Christmas Spectacular finale
Octopus predicts its winning numbers for U.S. lottery
Jewelry owned by Marie Antoinette to sell at Sotheby's
Going for gold: Sotheby's to hold its first sale dedicated to precious metal
Animal Rescue Stories
2018-10-05    0 views
Texas Officer Saves Driver From Out-of-Control Pick-Up
2018-09-22    455 views
A quick-acting police officer from Anna, Texas saved the life of a motorist—from another motorist.

The story started on September 7, when the tiny town of Anna, Texas, was getting pounded by rain.

Visibility was impeded and the roads were slick, and the 12,000 residents of the town, some 50 miles northeast of Dallas, were finding it hard to navigate the roadways.

Anna police officer Brandon Blair was cruising carefully along the storm-soaked highways when he saw an SUV off the right side of the road, facing the wrong way, wedged against a tree.

Meghan Herriera was standing by her stuck truck, getting oaked by the rain, and more than a little upset, According to local NBC affiliate KTen News.

Officer Blair headed out into the rain to help the stranded motorist. His dash cam recorded what followed.

Ass officer Blair approached the wrecked car he started pulling off his raincoat. He could see that the driver was getting soaked and could use the weather protection.

As he was handing the driver, Meghan Herriera, his raincoat, Officer Blair saw a speeding pick-up truck sliding sideways around the corner, just a few yards away.

"It was literally like 'Final Destination,' like in movies when you see people grab and run," Herriera told KTen.

Officer Blair grabbed Herriera and swung her to the side of the road. Both of them leapt away as the speeding pick-up slammed broadside into Herriera’s SUV.

"It's something that you can't see in the video, but it was seconds—within seconds—I could have been gone," she said.

While Meghan Herriera stood, stunned, looking at the pick-up which would have hit her had Officer Blair not stopped, the officer called for a wrecker.

"I feel like if the scenario was different ... if it was on a different road, or one of our major highways, I felt like we wouldn't have been able to get out of the way," Blair told KTen.

"I'm very thankful and humble that we were able to avoid getting struck by another car and I was able to return home to my family."

Meghan Herriera visited Officer Blair at the police station on Sept. 19 to thank him for saving both their lives.

The reunion moved her to tears, according to the Anna Police Department Facebook site, but she felt better getting to tell Officer Blair how grateful she was. The meeting was rewarding for both parties.
Carrie Underwood Says She Endured 3 Miscarriages in 2 Years
2018-09-18    89 views
Seven-time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood revealed on Sept. 16 during a CBS interview that that she went through three miscarriages in the last two years.

The 35-year-old singer is married to hockey player Mike Fisher, and they celebrated their eighth anniversary on July 10 on social media.

“I love you today more than yesterday...which was more than the day before,” she wrote.

They already have a 3-year-old boy, Isaiah Fisher. Underwood said Isaiah is the "sweetest thing" and she is so blessed with an incredible husband, job and friends.

However, 2017 was a tough year for Underwood. She had her first two miscarriages, then she fell outside her home onto her face in November. She had to get more than 40 stitches and also broke her wrist.

In early 2018, she had another miscarriage. Finally, when she became pregnant once again, she thought she was having a fourth miscarriage.

"I got mad," Underwood said.

She said she began to pray to God in a way she had never done before. She was honest about her feelings.

“He heard me,” Underwood said with gratitude shortly afterward.

Her doctor soon confirmed that her baby was healthy and the pregnancy was going well. She announced the news on Aug. 8.

"Mike and Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond," Underwood said in a video on Twitter, where she also talked about her new album “Cry Baby” and 2019 tour.

Although Underwood sang in church since she was a three years old, she had no formal training in voice or singing. At the age of 21, she auditioned for American Idol with the song “Can’t Make You Love Me,” and she went on to win Season 4 of the competition in 2005. She debuted her first album “Some Hearts” that same year.

In the past, the talented young woman also participated in beauty pageants in high school and college. At Northeastern State University, she was selected as Miss NSU runner-up in 2004. Two years later, she graduated from NSU with a degree in mass communications.

However, even with all these accomplishments, Underwood thinks her greatest goal is simply to be a good person.

“Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it. I've always loved volunteering. I love making music and all that, but at the end of the day I don't think that's what people are going to remember about a person,” she said.

Underwood also started the Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation (C.A.T.S.) Foundation to give back to her hometown community in Oklahoma and also supports many other charities.

iHeartRadio has predicted that Underwood's baby will be born around February 3, 2019.
Kansas Deputy and Suspect Fatally Shot During Arrest
2018-09-17    10 views
Press release conference regarding the deputy who was shot while on an arrest
2018-07-30    0 views
moon video
2018-07-27    4 views
Winnipeg native on scoring series-winner for Vegas against hometown
2018-05-21    0 views
A group of players nobody wanted — the self-proclaimed 'Golden Misfits' — are heading to the Stanley Cup final. Ryan Reaves scored the game-winning goal, Marc-Andre Fleury made 31 saves and the expansion Vegas Golden Knights continued their improbable run by defeating the Winnipeg Jets 2-1 on Sunday to win the best-of-seven Western Conference final 4-1. A franchise that had just two players under contract at this time last year before filling out the rest of its initial roster with castoffs from the league's other 30 clubs in the expansion draft is now just four wins from hockey's ultimate prize. “Everybody on this team has something to prove,” said Reaves, a tough guy acquired from the Pittsburgh Penguins prior to February's trade deadline. “We call ourselves 'The Golden Misfits' for a reason.”
Air Canada risks a boycott after it refers to Taiwan as being part of China
2018-05-17    0 views
MONTREAL–Air Canada could face a boycott from Taiwanese travellers after the airline joined a growing list of air carriers that have reportedly bowed to Chinese pressure by listing the capital of Taiwan as a part of China on its booking website.
The Montreal-based airline started a route between Vancouver and Taipei last June. On Tuesday, its customer site listed flights to Taipei, CN, rather than to Taiwan, the self-ruled island that Beijing regards as Chinese territory.
In addition to referring to Taipei as part of China during the booking process, a page on Air Canada's website trumpeting new international destinations refers to Taipei, China.
However, Taiwan is still called a country in results from a web search of the route from Vancouver and on its flight timetable effective May 24 to Aug. 26.
China's Civil Aviation Administration has demanded the change from 36 foreign airlines, including some American carriers, according to the White House.
Malaysia Airlines and British Airways are among the carriers that have added CN to Taipei on its websites.
Air Canada declined to respond to questions about the company's decision or whether the country affiliation had been recently changed, but published reports say the Chinese regime wrote letters to several airlines requesting the change.
“Air Canada's policy is to comply with all requirements in all worldwide jurisdictions to which we fly,” spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur said in a statement.
Canada's other major air carrier, WestJet Airlines, doesn't fly to Taiwan or mainland China and the destinations are not searchable on its website.
The president of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in B.C. said Tuesday he believes Air Canada agreed to make the change because the airline is eager to have new routes to China. Air Canada is in the process of negotiating a joint venture with Air China, which the Canadian airline said was expected to be completed in the spring.
“If they treat the Taiwan people so unfriendly I think most of the people from Taiwan will choose other carriers instead of Air Canada,” said Charles Chang.
Chang, who is also general manager of Formosa Travel, said he believes Air Canada made the change one or two days ago. It is ridiculous that Air Canada refers to Taiwan in this way, he said, adding that he plans to send a letter of protest to the airline.
Delta Air Lines, hotel operator Marriott, fashion brand Zara, and other companies have apologized to China for referring to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tibet as countries on websites or promotional material.
The U.S. clothing retailer Gap apologized Tuesday for selling T-shirts with a map of China that didn't include self-ruled Taiwan, the latest example of corporate kowtowing to Beijing.
The company took action after photos began circulating on Chinese social media of a T-shirt showing a map of China which appeared to omit Taiwan, southern Tibet, and the disputed South China Sea, the state-owned Global Times said, adding that it drew hundreds of complaints on China's Weibo microblogging platform.
The White House has condemned China's efforts to control how U.S. airlines refer to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, saying the push to make them comply with Chinese standards is “Orwellian nonsense.”
China dismissed that criticism, saying companies operating in the country must respect its sovereignty.
Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told reporters that China pressuring companies like Gap to change how they refer to Taiwan was ”rather unfortunate in terms of cross-strait relations” and would push its residents “further and further away” rather than winning their “hearts and minds.”
Edited by The Epoch Times
Ottawa contributing $40 million to Edmonton rail crossing project
2018-05-15    0 views
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday that the federal government will contribute $40 million to a new railway crossing in Edmonton. The city and Alberta will cover the remaining $47 million needed for the project. (May 15, 2018) SOUNDBITE: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister PLACELINE: Edmonton CREDIT: The Canadian Press STORYLINE: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Ottawa is chipping in money for a new railway crossing project in Edmonton, saying it shows how Canadians can work together to reduce transportation bottlenecks. Speaking at city hall, Trudeau said Ottawa will contribute almost $40 million for the project, which will widen the road and create a railway underpass in the city's east end. The province of Alberta will chip in just over $28 million and the city's portion will be $19.4 million.