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Cattle 'Chase Down' Suspect Who Fled Crashed Car During Police Pursuit
2018-08-08    697 views
Police in Sanford, Florida, received some animal assistance when a car crashed during a police pursuit and a suspect fled into a field where a herd of cattle were waiting.

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said that the cattle “provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf!”

Police helicopter footage shows the cattle moving towards the suspect, who fled from the passenger side of the crashed car. The suspect can then be seen climbing through a fence to escape. The footage later shows police apprehending the suspect.

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said that the incident happened on Monday, August 6.

Credit: Seminole County Sheriff's Office via Storyful
Suspect Drives Over Police Officer Twice in Botched Car Break In
2018-07-09    0 views
The San Francisco Police Department said a man suspected of being involved in a car break-in drove over one of its police officers twice as the officer wrestled with another suspect on February 1.

The incident occurred after plainclothes officers moved in to make arrests after they saw three men in a black four-door Infiniti attempt to steal a black Toyota SUV around Alamo Square Park.

Police said the officers tackled one of the suspects while the other fled back into the Infiniti vehicle, where the third suspect was waiting in the driver’s seat. The driver then put the vehicle into reverse and ran over the accomplice and the officer. He then drove forward, running over his accomplice and the officer a second time.

The two suspects in the car fled, but got into an accident nearby and were arrested, police said.

The officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, while the suspect who was run over was treated for injuries consistent with crushing type trauma.

Police said each of the three suspects were facing a number of separate charges, including attempted homicide and assault with a deadly weapon.

Credit: San Francisco Police Department via Storyful
Woman Arrested After Assaulting Teen at Community Pool
2018-06-27    12K views
A woman in Summerville, South Carolina, was arrested in connection to an assault on a teenager at a community pool on June 24.

The woman, named as Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, is accused of repeatedly striking a 15-year-old boy after he and a group of friends entered a community pool by invitation. According to witnesses, Sebby-Strempel told the group that they did not belong at the pool and said they had to leave.

Video recorded by the victim shows a woman, identified as Sebby-Strempel, repeatedly hitting the boy, threatening to call 911 and calling them “little punks.”

According to local reports, when police showed up to arrest Sebby-Strempel on June 25, she assaulted two detectives.

At a press conference on June 26, the family of the victim said the assault was racially-motivated.

Credit: Rhe Capers via Storyful
Supercolony of Penguins Discovered on Antarctica's Danger Islands
2018-06-20    82K views
Researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution discovered a massive colony of over 1.5 million Adélie Penguins, a species previously thought to be on the decline, in Antarctica’s Danger Islands. Their study was released on March 2.

According to WHOI, researchers looking at NASA satellite images in 2014 spotted signs of guano in the area, which hadn’t been previously considered a particularly significant penguin habitat. In 2015 a team was sent to investigate, and, through the use of drones, they were able to observe a colony of over a million penguins living in the remote island chain.

Credit: Thomas Sayre McChord, Hanumant Singh, Northeastern University, © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution via Storyful
Mouse Found Crawling Among Burger Buns at Oklahoma Wendy's
2018-06-19    38 views
Employees at a Wendy’s in Catoosa, Oklahoma, have shared videos online of a mouse crawling in a bag of burger buns, prompting the restaurant chain to respond.

Samantha Nibbelink, an employee of Wendy’s in Catoosa, recorded this footage on June 10.

She told KJRH in Tulsa that when she alerted her manager to the discovery she was told to “just take a new rack of buns.”

A second employee posted a similar video several days later which gained the attention of local media, prompting Wendy’s to respond to the incident.

Both employees said they noticed multiple health code violations at the restaurant.

Wendy’s told KJRH in Tulsa that they were “aware of this situation” and taking the matter “very seriously.”

“We immediately launched an investigation with our pest control vendor and internal quality assurance experts to ensure immediate and appropriate action is taken,” the Wendy’s statement said.

A health department official visited the branch of Wendy’s following the incident and found no violation upon inspection, KJRH quoted Wendy’s as saying.

Credit: Samantha Nibbelink via Storyful
High School Student With Autism Who Is Usually Nonverbal Gives Moving Speech at Graduation
2018-06-15    203 views
A high school senior with autism stole the show at his graduation ceremony on June 9, as footage shared to Facebook shows.
Sef Scott, who is a student at Plano Senior High in Texas, is usually nonverbal but he stepped up to the podium at the ceremony to deliver a powerful speech to his classmates. The speech, which he aptly titled Unexpected, sees Scott tell the audience he has a social communication disorder which means he rarely speaks.

He goes onto explain that his brother, who survived a brain tumor and who often gives speeches on what he’s overcome, inspired him to speak and even helped him write his speech.

His message to always do the unexpected was met with a standing ovation from his peers and their parents, and a video of the speech was shared to Facebook by the Plano Independent School District. It had over 120,000 views at the time of writing.

Credit: Plano Independent School District via Storyful
Car Windows Destroyed During Colorado Hail Storm
2018-06-13    65 views
Heavy hail damaged cars and buildings around Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the early hours of Wednesday, June 13. It was the strongest overnight hail storm in El Paso County in 20 years, according to KKTV.

The city of Fountain was hardest hit with hail that measured up to three inches in diameter, the report said. There were reports of damaged cars including cracked and broken windshields. At least one home was damaged by hail breaking the windows, KKTV reported.

This video shows the hail damage to several vehicles in Fountain.

Credit: Shelly Bowen via Storyful
Colorado's 416 Fire Grows to More Than 22,000 Acres
2018-06-11    42 views
The 416 fire in southwestern Colorado grew to 22,131 acres and was 10-percent contained by Monday, June 11. The fire was almost 17,000 acres on the morning of June 10.

Over 2,000 homes have been evacuated due to the fire, according to local news reports, and no homes were damaged or lost as of Monday.

Credit: Jasmine Mayberry Photography via Storyful
While Trying to Save Cattle, 2 People Encounter Moving Wall of Lava Near Pahoa
2018-06-04    0 views
Two people had a close encounter with a moving wall of lava near Pahoa, Hawaii, when they went out to Noni Farms to try to rescue cows nearby from the area.

This video was posted to YouTube by Jonathan Wright on June 4. Wright said there were more than 200 cattle in the area, and that the video was filmed “a few days ago.”

Mandatory evacuations were ordered for Noni Farms on May 29.

Credit: [email protected] via Storyful
6-Year-Old Killed by Family Dog
2018-05-29    3K views
A 6-year-old boy has died as a result of an attack by the family dog.

Family friend Rick Vaughan said that the boy died after the pit bull attacked him on May 24. Vaughan told Altoona Mirror that the boy's father was cutting grass at the time, but rushed inside after the mother screamed. He then saw "the dog on the boy."

“It was already too late,” Vaughan said, referring to the father's efforts to free his boy from the dog, via the Mirror.

The dog that mauled the boy is now dead, although reports did not specify when or how it died. The family also gave their other dog to police after the tragedy.

“His mother is taking it very, very hard,” the 32-year-old Vaughan said, via the Mirror. “He passed away in her arms.”

The Blair County Coroner said the boy died of blunt-force trauma. The police are still investigating, according to WTAJ. Counselors were called in to assist students and staff at Baker Elementary School, the school the boy attended.
6-Year-Old Killed by Family Dog-teaser
2018-05-27    0 views
A 6-year-old boy has died as a result of an attack by the family dog.

Family friend Rick Vaughan said that the boy died after the pit bull attacked him on May 24. Vaughan told Altoona Mirror that the boy’s father was cutting grass at the time, but rushed inside after the mother screamed. He then saw “the dog on the boy.”

“It was already too late,” Vaughan said, referring to the father’s efforts to free his boy from the dog, via the Mirror.

The dog that mauled the boy is now dead, although reports did not specify when or how it died. The family also gave their other dog to police after the tragedy.

“His mother is taking it very, very hard,” the 32-year-old Vaughan said, via the Mirror. “He passed away in her arms.”

The Blair County Coroner said the boy died of blunt-force trauma. The police are still investigating, according to WTAJ. Counselors were called in to assist students and staff at Baker Elementary School, the school the boy attended.
This Scottish Pup Isn’t Too Keen on Walks
2018-05-25    0 views
This Scottish Pup Isn’t Too Keen on Walks

Compared to other pups, Samwise isn’t too keen on walkies. He doesn’t budge when his owner Daniel Merrable asks him if he wants to go for a walk on May 19.

The eight-month-old labrador can think of other things to do, like, sleeping on his back with one of his paws in the air, as seen in this video uploaded to Twitter.

His owner, Daniel Merrable, told Storyful how he persuades Samwise to leave his Glasgow flat: “I usually have to coax him out of our flat with treats we place on the steps.”

According to Daniel once Samwise is persuaded to go outside he usually enjoys himself.

Credit: TerribleM86 via Storyful
Fountain of Lava Jets From Kilauea's Fissure 17
2018-05-19    0 views
Fountain of Lava Jets From Kilauea's Fissure 17

Lava was spewing from Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Fissure 17 on May 18. Hawaii News Now reported the lava was spurting as high as 200 feet in the air, beginning Friday afternoon.

More homes and structures were being threatened by lava flows, the report said, with at least 300 acres and 40 structures covered in lava since the eruptions began.

Credit: USGS via Storyful
Bride and Groom Climb Massive Rock During Ceremony Without Ropes
2018-05-17    0 views
This is the moment a bride and groom didn't tie the knot and climbed a massive rock without ropes - with her in HEELS.

Newlyweds and experienced rock climbers Tom, 26, and Elaine Bunn, 24, reached the summit of the tor in their full wedding attire.

Elaine tackled the 15m (50FT) Haytor in her full bridal gown and heels while Tom decided he'd take on the steepest section in his wedding suit without using ropes.

They got hitched nearby but during a break between speeches and dinner they fled to the Dartmoor landmark to take a series of unforgettable pictures.

The couple of Exeter, Devon, met eight years ago at a local climbing wall and have shared a passion for it ever since.

Elaine, a civil engineer, said: "We have climbed on Dartmoor countless times and fell in love surrounded by it's beauty so climbing on our big day only felt natural, although I usually wear more appropriate attire.

"Tom is such a good climber that I wasn't so much worried for his safety as that of his new suit and shoes. Dartmoor granite can be sharp.

"Getting up Haytor in my heels and wedding dress was not too bad, it was nice to not have to carry all the climbing kit for a change.

"Most climbers know however that getting down is often as difficult as getting up and this was definitely the case for me.

"Luckily my new husband was on hand with a fireman's lift. judging by their faces, I think a few tourists may have got a bit more than they bargained for on this day!

"I couldn't be happier to start the adventure of marriage with an adventure on Haytor and thankfully our wedding photographers were also up for the challenge.

"It was such a good thing to do and has given us some incredible pictures and memories."

The talented pair married at Colehayes Park, Bovey Tracey, on Saturday and the pictures were taken by Cornwall Wedding Photographers.

Elaine added: "We were lucky we had good weather and a handy gap between the toast and cream tea and dinner.

"We just grabbed the chance and shot up.

"We are both quite adventurous so it was the perfect thing to do."

Tom, who is a manager of the Exeter Quay Climbing Wall, said the idea for the climb started as an idea for their wedding cake.

He added: "We wanted to have a cake that was half traditional and half rock faced with Elaine and i climbing on it and it turned into a figurine of me climbing up to her.

"Because the venue was only 10 minutes from Haytor we decided to recreate the cake scene for real.

"We left the guests as they were about to have dinner, both in our full wedding attire and Elaine even kept her heels on. She went up the easiest side on the back but I then free-climbed the harder route.

"We just thought it would look pretty cool. I proposed on the top of a glacier in the French Alps two years ago and we are now on our honeymoon climbing mountains so there is a definite theme.

"Elaine was on board straight away and thought it was a great idea."
Body Cam Video Shows Man Struggle With Police During Arrest Outside 7-11
2018-05-10    0 views
Sacramento Police released security and body cam footage showing the May 4 arrest of a man who left the engine of his car on while parked outside a 7-Eleven, after a video of the arrest posted by the man’s girlfriend was shared widely online.

Erin Darby Ortiz posted footage showing a police officer grappling with Craig Williams and handcuffing him on the ground after Williams left his car running while he went into the store. Darby Ortiz wrote that she and Williams had never heard of California’s anti-idling law before, and that Williams was made to spend the day in jail. The long-standing idling law says it’s illegal to walk away from a stopped car with its engine running on a public road.

Sacramento Police on May 9 posted body cam footage of the incident, saying Williams was uncooperative and refused to provide identification to the officer, as well as citing the no-idling law.

Credit: Sacramento Police Department via Storyful
2018-05-09    0 views
Family of Ducklings Rescued After Falling Into Drain in Pearland, Texas
2018-05-07    0 views
Thirteen ducklings were rescued after falling into a drain outside a restaurant in Pearland, Texas, on May 5.

Josephine T. Pena shared footage of the ducklings falling into a drain outside Pena’s Donut Heaven & Grill, before they were rescued and brought to a nearby lake. Pena told Storyful the ducklings were not injured.

Credit: Josephine T. Pena via Storyful
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